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Broken Phone Screen? We Can Fix It! Do Not Waste Your Time. We Come to You!

Please choose your device first and the best time and date for you. Then please wait for your appointment to be confirmed.

*** Appointments made by phone currently are not connected to our website appointment program, so we may already have another appointment for the time that you desire or the technician may be still on the previous appointment. Please only expect our technician if your desired appointment request have been approved.

*** Please wait for your appointment to be confirmed by a technician either by a phone or e-mail. If it is confirmed, we will be there on time! (It might be in the time frame that your appointment is set up. For example: if you set up an appointment for 1PM, the technician will be coming mostly on time, but may also come between 1 PM and 2 PM giving you ETA prior to his arrival)

If your appointment is not confirmed, the technician will contact you to set up another time with you.

Please give us a call or send us an e-mail if your request stays “Pending” for a long time.

Please consider that mobile service may be limited with a screen repair or battery replacement, for iPhones only. Please give us a call for your other repairs.

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